Wednesday, February 24th


Attendance : Sarah Jane, Sarah, Christine, Katie, Tanya, Victoria, Tracy, Elizabeth, Kris, Matt Celine, Emily, Michelle, Ian, Bonnie, Lisanne and Jami, Vikki, Marianne and Sandy


Elections – speeches :


Lisanne is going for Executive Director. Has been involved with the WC for 2 years now. Has a lot of experience and contacts to offer. Has attempted to share all of this through the conception of the new website. She loves to be a part of the WC and has the time needed to devote to its projects.


Sarah is going for Executive director. She promises that everyone will be able to swim in the Bath Tub Project pool full of Jell-o. She is very compassionate, enjoys the WC space and spends a lot of her time there. She has made many new friends. She would like to bring more people in. What she lacks in experience she has in compassion and dedication. And she has cowboy boots.


Emily is running for assistant director. Her majors are gender and English. In the Womens centre (this year) she was the secretary. She has contributed to many of the programs this year. She thanks previous members (Sandi, Ian, Lisanne, and Bonnie). She would really like to see safety issues addressed next year.


Sarah-Jane is running for assistant director. She thanks everyone for accommodating her daughter's presence at meetings and providing them with a comfortable and accessible space. She is pursuing a business marketing degree, is from North Bay and has traveled a lot. She participated in the organization of some of the WC's events this year namely: the Funk dance, Take Back the Night and the Walk of Silence. She has many aspirations for next year including 4 main event ideas: a special year-end retreat, a Glamour Project, Pro-Choice awareness campaign and a human trafficking awareness campaign.


Celine Roy is running for treasurer. She has participated in some of the events that the Womens centre has held. Unfortunately, has not made any meetings due to schedule. She has a lot of experience with managing money and is also pursuing a business degree. She is the manager at Harvey's and Swiss Chalet. She wants to bring in her real life experience as well as her education as assets to the womens centre. She plans on building spreadsheet templates and introducing new programs to organize the WC's finances. She volunteered a lot before University and would like to be more involved again. She wants to participate more in the community.


Michelle is running for treasurer. She began as an English major, but realized her passion for gender studies. This is her first year in the Womens centre, but she wants to continue to participate. She was part of the student council in high school and volunteered at the library. She is capable of using spreadsheets and other such stuff. The womens centre has meant a lot to her. She is very passionate about this program. She wants to be more involved. Due to her health problems in previous years she has been unable to wholeheartedly participate. She has been a treasurer before.


Matt is running for male issues representative. He knows womens issues, not necessarily male issues, but he is interested in including as many people as possible. Although he is the only person running, he wants you to choose him because you want him there wholeheartedly. He is very passionate about the issues concerning the womens centre. He is interested in being driven for the right reasons. He would like to contribute. 


Jami is running for Secretary. In love with the gesj program. Enjoys the WC and it has been a great experience. Interesting in learning more and learning with everyone. Go-getter. Doesn’t want to be measured by her marks but by how she participates. Pick her for her skills and not just because.


*The little red bag will be in the tree house. JUST VOTE ONCE. Be Honest. The voting will occur for the next two weeks (Voting ends at 11 am March Wednesday, 10)*



People can still submit works to the Our Voice Magazine. They are hoping to put out an issue next week during IWW.

The launch party for Our Voice will be held next Tuesday from 5-9. The food will be bought from Aramark and it will be vegetarian finger food. It will be held at the Owls Nest


End of Year Party- it will be catered. Wings and Things $10.35* per person

Combination of pizza, wings, lattice fries, nacho chips, veggie platter.  AND Pasta Buffet from $10.25* per personPasta Bar with Meat, Tomato, Alfredo sauce

(Meatballs, chicken cachatorie, veal parmasian, please inquire, costs vary). This will take place at 5 on April 9th, 2010.


Outside News: everything will be included in the March Calendar...


Shine a light campaign w/ WUSC

Looking for volunteers

+ date is not set



This Saturday, Average Joe GETURFREAKON 8:30pm

Roadhouse (open mic, etc)

Proceeds going to ACNBA + Gay organizations in Haiti


TRC Conference

Looking for student involvement

Student are free….please attend. Important!   & register!

Buses organized to go to speech at Nbissing high school


Aiming Higher volunteer meeting at 3pm in ALI (A220?)


ACCC hosting Black History night this Sat in theatre at 6pm

PLEASE NOTE: MEETINGS ARE BEING HELD IN H131 FOR THE REST OF THE SEMESTER. Our room just isn't big enough to fit everyone which is AWESOME! :)  A great big Thank you! goes out to all of our dedicated members for all of their support and hard work!

Meeting time is still Wednesdays @ 11:30am.
Your attendance is required at the next NUWC meeting on Wednesday, February 24th at 11:30am in room H131.

As all positions are elected by majority vote, we ask that you present yourself at this meeting in order to state why you would be the best candidate for your nominated position. We're not looking for a lengthy speech, we're just looking for you to present your knowledge, skills and relevant experience in order for the members to make an informed decision.

For positions with a single candidate, you must still receive a majority vote of "Yes" in order to gain the position.
For positions with more than one candidate, you are competiting for this position. However, 'dirty'/smudge campaigns will not be tolerated.

We look forward to seeing all of you on the 24th.

Good Luck to All,

Nipissing University Women's Centre
Attendance: Lisanne, Sandy, Ian, Emily, Michelle, Victoria, Matthew, Amanda, Jeff, Sarah, Katie, Tracy, Sarah, Marianne, Tracy, Elizabeth, Christine

Absent: Bonnie

1)      Presentation from Jeff Lehoux
In November went to Cameroon in Africa – now doing NGO work in Africa – the NGO that he works with is building schools – 2 reasons he went to Africa: looking for cultural barriers – using army medical skills
Observations: determined children have food but competing with parasites for nutrition – 6 million children in the valley – cost is less than $1 to de-worm one child – returning in May to set up clinics –women are more affected by parasites than men in this community – holding fundraiser for this project
****Fundraiser: February 20th at Chruchills $50/person – dinner and live music -6pm cocktails dinner at 7pm****
If you are interested in tickets for this event contact the Women’s Centre
 Jeff also made a $50 contribution to the Bath Tub Project. Thank you Jeff!

2)      Bath Tub Project
 Media follow up – The (North Bay) Nugget published article in paper today – media release for Friday afternoon 2 pm  - thank you poster – send thank you notes to these organizations including picture with supplies – Marianne will make thank you poster

The bagging party is on Tuesday February 16th at 2pm for the Bath Tub Project –pizza is being ordered for this event

3)      The Constitution

-          Media position decided against because it is covered by the secretary
-          However considering :position that supports Our Voice
-          Challenge of making more executives positions is that we would have equal numbers
-           Decided on volunteer subcommittee
-          The majority voted in favor of NOT adding another executive position but having a volunteer subcommittee (16 vs. 0)
-          Majority voted that the Constitution goes through – voted: 16 in favor – 0 not in favor

4)      Elections
1) Executive Director-
Lisanne Roy
Sarah Calder

2) Assistant Director-
Sarah Jane Valiquette
Emily Gillespie
3) Secretary-
Jami McFarland
4) Treasurer-
Celine Roy
Michelle McLaren

5)Male Issues Representative
Matt Smale
Nominations are being accepted until Wednesday, February 24th @ 11am. They can be done in person or by e-mail @

  5)      Movie Night
-          People were interested in a movie night – movie suggested by Sarah “You Can’t Beat Women”
-          Monday March 15th 6:30 pm – Sarah will book room and movie

6)      International Women’s Week: Smart Serve
-          Anyone interested in Smart Serve on the Saturday of IWW: Matt, and Sarah
– paid position – Lisanne is contacting Wendy with this response regarding who is interested

7)      International Women’s Week Tracey Deer Lecture
-          Looking for people who are interested in taking attendance at lecture
(MANY volunteers; Sandy will email list to Wendy_

8)      Our Voice Party Launch:
- Applied Activism Project Release – Our Voice  Release Party during IWW – Our Voice articles due on February 19th. * see IWW website for dates and times of events

9)      Formal Wear
-          February 23rd deadline – old prom and graduation dresses collected as fundraiser – Aboriginal Services is a drop off location

10)  International Women’s Day
Information Fair at the AIDs committee 1-3:30 – WC wants to have a booth
(Kris has volunteered to go)

11)  End of the Year Party

-          Volunteer appreciation party – idea of the bowling alley - date to be determined

12)  The Drum Circle Has been Cancelled

13)  Drag Party Updates

-          Residence party updates – March 13th in the Weaver – having actual pageant as well as bathing suit pageant – funds going to AIDs Committee and Amelia Rising – idea of props for gender bending ideas

-          Pride Day (as planned by Campus Free Press) is the MONDAY, FEB 22ND we get back from reading week: dress in drag  and/or colourful clothes

12) Aiming-Higher Volunteer Shadowing

- volunteer intake information – students who have classes on Thursdays or Fridays are shadowed by Aboriginal students who are thinking about attending post secondary.
For more info, visit

For a complete list of International Women’s Week events:

Next week is Reading Week no meeting. Next meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 24th
Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010                                         11 :30am-1 :05pm

Attendance : Lisanne, Alexandra, Ian, Emily, Bonnie, Jen, Kayla, Sarah, Victoria, Trina, Matt, Jami, Sophie, Michelle, Christine, Ashley, Wendy, Kris, Susan, Sarah Jane, Marianne, Amanda and Sal.

201.00$ for BTP

Inter-Residence Drag Party/Show (with Pride)
-meeting Feb. 5th 11:30am at Founders House
- Tentative date:  Saturday, March 13th (looking at afternoon)
-Stefanie Mockridge
-looking at Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (men against violence against women)
Dreaming of Nipissing (Feb. 5th 2:30pm in A226)
-Where We Go From Here
-panel (interactive)
-Sal Renshaw, Charlotte Innerd and Jeff Dech
-3 different topics

Bath Tub Project (Feb 8-12th) 10am-3pm
-need to have kiddie brought up from Founders
-need volunteers to sign up to watch table + drivers (list to be posted on WC door)
-reimburse gas (watch mileage)
-Matt waiting to hear back for Media Release (for the 12th- full tub)
- Marianne drop off for Sturgeon (looking good for donations/for Sturgeon)
-pickup from 1 hotel and 2 dentist offices

-Bagging Party
-Looking at Tuesday, Feb. 16th   Time:1-3 pizza partyJ

International Women’s Week
-submissions for art expo: Thursday Feb 4th by 4pm (drop off at Near North Mobile Media Lab/basement of Kennedy Art Gallery within Capitol Centre)
-Our Voice Launch: Tuesday, March 2nd 5-9pm, Owl’s Nest
With screening Applied Activism projects

+Our Voice Reminder
Submissions by Feb 19th.
Theme: Resist the Cookie Cutter, Embrace Diversity
Looking for art, poems, etc….
Send it to or

Drumming Workshop

-120$ by Feb 12 to Marianne….you get receipt
March 6th 10am-4pm
March 13th 10am-noonish
Owl’s Nest (H102)
Potluck on both Sats

+3rd Wednesday of every month 524 Algonquin Ave.
Everyone welcome.
Accompanied by teachings….

Vote now or ballot or later and open to general panel? Unanimous, Now
-Objectives vote: women inequality vs. gendered? Unanimous
-Add objective to continue to actively work towards equality? Yes, unanimous
-All, Majority women (10), 3/5(4/6) or nothing (2)? Majority for majority
-Define/Close off positions? (3/12 say yes) majority No.
-representation should be representative of Nip’s gendered pop?
-Vote for position for Women’s Safety +? General member delegate? Not voted?
(next meeting- exec vs. delegate)
-also looking at position to cover Our Voice…

Nominating for 5 positions
Nominations expressed at the meeting:
Executive Director: Lisanne Roy, Sarah Calder
Assistant Director: Sarah Jane Valiquette
Treasurer: Celine Roy
Secretary: Jami McFarland
Male Issues Rep: Matt Smale
Nominations due Feb. 24th (can be done through email, etc)
Voting starts Feb 24th; Winners announced March 3rd.

-Meeting on Diversity Committee (Feb. 23rd)
Umbrella? Of single levy for many groups
            -questions regarding WC Levy protection
            -Administrative threat to others?
            -currently student funded levy (through incidental fees)
            -maybe not united through levy but more work on networking
            -Voice concerns

Attendance : Kayla, Jennifer, Kris, Ian, Sarah, Matt, Amanda, Emily, Michelle, Courtney, Alexandra, Lisanne, Jami, Tanya, Katie, Victoria, Sarah Jane, Marianne, Bonnie,Christine and Trina.

*Please pay attention to the highlighted area*

2 events :
Our Voice Launch: Resist the Cookie Cutter, Embrace Diversity!
Looking to be incorporated with screening+discussion of AA Projects.
Looking for it to be Tuesday evening (March 2nd)
Cecil’s Lounge or Owl’s Nest, upstairs of Bull & Quench (ask for Ashley) or 100 Georges.
Equipment rental from NNMML + Internet connection or copy of all projects
+ Catering
Articles are due February 19th
*Ian will be contacting venues.
*Lisanne will contact AA classmates.

Ushers for March 8th : Tanya, Vitoria, Jami, Kayla, Emily, Sarah (can be there for 5.)
*Sandy will be sending the names to Wendy P.

Community Art Project
-buy canvas (paints + markers?)
-Looking at holding it at Kennedy or White Water Gallery + other gallery
-‘Media Release’
*Don’t remember who said they’d contact the galleries?
*Once location is set, can look more at duration (one day vs. whole week)
+sort of setup..unsupervised?

Bath Tub Project (Feb 8-12th)
Drop offs are a no-go (Grocery stores)
School boards approved
*Ian and Sandy will be contacting the school now
Received some donations from a Hotel + 2 Dentist offices
*Someone will need to pick up (Any volunteers?)
-Media release will encourage community to drop off at Uni. (maybe shelters if acceptable)
-Cost of thanking everyone in huge ad?
-Maybe drop-off in Mall/Wal-Mart?
-Bob Pipe (look at Media Release Party? with all logos to possibly encourage drop off locations)
*Matt looking at contacting Anna
-Mention it when contacting corporates!
-Unanimous vote that funds from Fantasia Party to go towards purchasing products for    the BTP.
*Post table sign up sheet in WC
*Posters going up on campus Feb. 1st
*Hold on Media Release until we hear back from Matt

Vote on Constitution
-20 to 1 in favour of keeping Male Issues Representative a position open to all.
(Discussed it being reserved for a male and being cut when no males were interested; reserved for a male but woman could be temp when no male volunteer; complete removal of the position; the position being open to all.)
****As a result, we revisited last week’s vote: passing that 2 out of 5 execs must be women. Open another discussion which lead to the possibility of additional exec positions and  changing the group’s name.
-next meeting will be solely to cover this conversation and to finalize and pass the NUWC Constitution****

-Nomination period will start new week.
-If you are interested in nominating someone for a position for next year’s Execs…PLEASE talk to this person first. Ask them if they have a preferred position (Position Description are currently being worked out in the Constitution.) Plus, there is nothing stopping you from nominating yourself

Drum Workshop
- 5 spots left open / NEED to be opened
-          Need money by Feb 12th.

****Please note that Wednesday, February 3rd’s meeting (in Room TBA) will be addressing the NUWC Constitution for the majority of the meeting. There will be a discussion on the NUWC’s name (Both arguments for and against the name will be discussed. An EMPHASIS will be put on be put on problem-solving rather than a name-change). Also, all positions and their descriptions will have to be finalized in order to begin the scheduled Nomination period of Elections.****
PLEASE visit the website to see what sections of the Constitution are being worked on; they’re highlighted!
Currently, if you would like more information on next week’s meeting, please email the NUWC.