Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010                                         11 :30am-1 :05pm

Attendance : Lisanne, Alexandra, Ian, Emily, Bonnie, Jen, Kayla, Sarah, Victoria, Trina, Matt, Jami, Sophie, Michelle, Christine, Ashley, Wendy, Kris, Susan, Sarah Jane, Marianne, Amanda and Sal.

201.00$ for BTP

Inter-Residence Drag Party/Show (with Pride)
-meeting Feb. 5th 11:30am at Founders House
- Tentative date:  Saturday, March 13th (looking at afternoon)
-Stefanie Mockridge
-looking at Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (men against violence against women)
Dreaming of Nipissing (Feb. 5th 2:30pm in A226)
-Where We Go From Here
-panel (interactive)
-Sal Renshaw, Charlotte Innerd and Jeff Dech
-3 different topics

Bath Tub Project (Feb 8-12th) 10am-3pm
-need to have kiddie brought up from Founders
-need volunteers to sign up to watch table + drivers (list to be posted on WC door)
-reimburse gas (watch mileage)
-Matt waiting to hear back for Media Release (for the 12th- full tub)
- Marianne drop off for Sturgeon (looking good for donations/for Sturgeon)
-pickup from 1 hotel and 2 dentist offices

-Bagging Party
-Looking at Tuesday, Feb. 16th   Time:1-3 pizza partyJ

International Women’s Week
-submissions for art expo: Thursday Feb 4th by 4pm (drop off at Near North Mobile Media Lab/basement of Kennedy Art Gallery within Capitol Centre)
-Our Voice Launch: Tuesday, March 2nd 5-9pm, Owl’s Nest
With screening Applied Activism projects

+Our Voice Reminder
Submissions by Feb 19th.
Theme: Resist the Cookie Cutter, Embrace Diversity
Looking for art, poems, etc….
Send it to or

Drumming Workshop

-120$ by Feb 12 to Marianne….you get receipt
March 6th 10am-4pm
March 13th 10am-noonish
Owl’s Nest (H102)
Potluck on both Sats

+3rd Wednesday of every month 524 Algonquin Ave.
Everyone welcome.
Accompanied by teachings….

Vote now or ballot or later and open to general panel? Unanimous, Now
-Objectives vote: women inequality vs. gendered? Unanimous
-Add objective to continue to actively work towards equality? Yes, unanimous
-All, Majority women (10), 3/5(4/6) or nothing (2)? Majority for majority
-Define/Close off positions? (3/12 say yes) majority No.
-representation should be representative of Nip’s gendered pop?
-Vote for position for Women’s Safety +? General member delegate? Not voted?
(next meeting- exec vs. delegate)
-also looking at position to cover Our Voice…

Nominating for 5 positions
Nominations expressed at the meeting:
Executive Director: Lisanne Roy, Sarah Calder
Assistant Director: Sarah Jane Valiquette
Treasurer: Celine Roy
Secretary: Jami McFarland
Male Issues Rep: Matt Smale
Nominations due Feb. 24th (can be done through email, etc)
Voting starts Feb 24th; Winners announced March 3rd.

-Meeting on Diversity Committee (Feb. 23rd)
Umbrella? Of single levy for many groups
            -questions regarding WC Levy protection
            -Administrative threat to others?
            -currently student funded levy (through incidental fees)
            -maybe not united through levy but more work on networking
            -Voice concerns

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