Your attendance is required at the next NUWC meeting on Wednesday, February 24th at 11:30am in room H131.

As all positions are elected by majority vote, we ask that you present yourself at this meeting in order to state why you would be the best candidate for your nominated position. We're not looking for a lengthy speech, we're just looking for you to present your knowledge, skills and relevant experience in order for the members to make an informed decision.

For positions with a single candidate, you must still receive a majority vote of "Yes" in order to gain the position.
For positions with more than one candidate, you are competiting for this position. However, 'dirty'/smudge campaigns will not be tolerated.

We look forward to seeing all of you on the 24th.

Good Luck to All,

Nipissing University Women's Centre
5/31/2012 02:34:24 pm

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