Attendance: Lisanne, Sandy, Ian, Emily, Michelle, Victoria, Matthew, Amanda, Jeff, Sarah, Katie, Tracy, Sarah, Marianne, Tracy, Elizabeth, Christine

Absent: Bonnie

1)      Presentation from Jeff Lehoux
In November went to Cameroon in Africa – now doing NGO work in Africa – the NGO that he works with is building schools – 2 reasons he went to Africa: looking for cultural barriers – using army medical skills
Observations: determined children have food but competing with parasites for nutrition – 6 million children in the valley – cost is less than $1 to de-worm one child – returning in May to set up clinics –women are more affected by parasites than men in this community – holding fundraiser for this project
****Fundraiser: February 20th at Chruchills $50/person – dinner and live music -6pm cocktails dinner at 7pm****
If you are interested in tickets for this event contact the Women’s Centre
 Jeff also made a $50 contribution to the Bath Tub Project. Thank you Jeff!

2)      Bath Tub Project
 Media follow up – The (North Bay) Nugget published article in paper today – media release for Friday afternoon 2 pm  - thank you poster – send thank you notes to these organizations including picture with supplies – Marianne will make thank you poster

The bagging party is on Tuesday February 16th at 2pm for the Bath Tub Project –pizza is being ordered for this event

3)      The Constitution

-          Media position decided against because it is covered by the secretary
-          However considering :position that supports Our Voice
-          Challenge of making more executives positions is that we would have equal numbers
-           Decided on volunteer subcommittee
-          The majority voted in favor of NOT adding another executive position but having a volunteer subcommittee (16 vs. 0)
-          Majority voted that the Constitution goes through – voted: 16 in favor – 0 not in favor

4)      Elections
1) Executive Director-
Lisanne Roy
Sarah Calder

2) Assistant Director-
Sarah Jane Valiquette
Emily Gillespie
3) Secretary-
Jami McFarland
4) Treasurer-
Celine Roy
Michelle McLaren

5)Male Issues Representative
Matt Smale
Nominations are being accepted until Wednesday, February 24th @ 11am. They can be done in person or by e-mail @

  5)      Movie Night
-          People were interested in a movie night – movie suggested by Sarah “You Can’t Beat Women”
-          Monday March 15th 6:30 pm – Sarah will book room and movie

6)      International Women’s Week: Smart Serve
-          Anyone interested in Smart Serve on the Saturday of IWW: Matt, and Sarah
– paid position – Lisanne is contacting Wendy with this response regarding who is interested

7)      International Women’s Week Tracey Deer Lecture
-          Looking for people who are interested in taking attendance at lecture
(MANY volunteers; Sandy will email list to Wendy_

8)      Our Voice Party Launch:
- Applied Activism Project Release – Our Voice  Release Party during IWW – Our Voice articles due on February 19th. * see IWW website for dates and times of events

9)      Formal Wear
-          February 23rd deadline – old prom and graduation dresses collected as fundraiser – Aboriginal Services is a drop off location

10)  International Women’s Day
Information Fair at the AIDs committee 1-3:30 – WC wants to have a booth
(Kris has volunteered to go)

11)  End of the Year Party

-          Volunteer appreciation party – idea of the bowling alley - date to be determined

12)  The Drum Circle Has been Cancelled

13)  Drag Party Updates

-          Residence party updates – March 13th in the Weaver – having actual pageant as well as bathing suit pageant – funds going to AIDs Committee and Amelia Rising – idea of props for gender bending ideas

-          Pride Day (as planned by Campus Free Press) is the MONDAY, FEB 22ND we get back from reading week: dress in drag  and/or colourful clothes

12) Aiming-Higher Volunteer Shadowing

- volunteer intake information – students who have classes on Thursdays or Fridays are shadowed by Aboriginal students who are thinking about attending post secondary.
For more info, visit

For a complete list of International Women’s Week events:

Next week is Reading Week no meeting. Next meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 24th

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