Wednesday, February 24th


Attendance : Sarah Jane, Sarah, Christine, Katie, Tanya, Victoria, Tracy, Elizabeth, Kris, Matt Celine, Emily, Michelle, Ian, Bonnie, Lisanne and Jami, Vikki, Marianne and Sandy


Elections – speeches :


Lisanne is going for Executive Director. Has been involved with the WC for 2 years now. Has a lot of experience and contacts to offer. Has attempted to share all of this through the conception of the new website. She loves to be a part of the WC and has the time needed to devote to its projects.


Sarah is going for Executive director. She promises that everyone will be able to swim in the Bath Tub Project pool full of Jell-o. She is very compassionate, enjoys the WC space and spends a lot of her time there. She has made many new friends. She would like to bring more people in. What she lacks in experience she has in compassion and dedication. And she has cowboy boots.


Emily is running for assistant director. Her majors are gender and English. In the Womens centre (this year) she was the secretary. She has contributed to many of the programs this year. She thanks previous members (Sandi, Ian, Lisanne, and Bonnie). She would really like to see safety issues addressed next year.


Sarah-Jane is running for assistant director. She thanks everyone for accommodating her daughter's presence at meetings and providing them with a comfortable and accessible space. She is pursuing a business marketing degree, is from North Bay and has traveled a lot. She participated in the organization of some of the WC's events this year namely: the Funk dance, Take Back the Night and the Walk of Silence. She has many aspirations for next year including 4 main event ideas: a special year-end retreat, a Glamour Project, Pro-Choice awareness campaign and a human trafficking awareness campaign.


Celine Roy is running for treasurer. She has participated in some of the events that the Womens centre has held. Unfortunately, has not made any meetings due to schedule. She has a lot of experience with managing money and is also pursuing a business degree. She is the manager at Harvey's and Swiss Chalet. She wants to bring in her real life experience as well as her education as assets to the womens centre. She plans on building spreadsheet templates and introducing new programs to organize the WC's finances. She volunteered a lot before University and would like to be more involved again. She wants to participate more in the community.


Michelle is running for treasurer. She began as an English major, but realized her passion for gender studies. This is her first year in the Womens centre, but she wants to continue to participate. She was part of the student council in high school and volunteered at the library. She is capable of using spreadsheets and other such stuff. The womens centre has meant a lot to her. She is very passionate about this program. She wants to be more involved. Due to her health problems in previous years she has been unable to wholeheartedly participate. She has been a treasurer before.


Matt is running for male issues representative. He knows womens issues, not necessarily male issues, but he is interested in including as many people as possible. Although he is the only person running, he wants you to choose him because you want him there wholeheartedly. He is very passionate about the issues concerning the womens centre. He is interested in being driven for the right reasons. He would like to contribute. 


Jami is running for Secretary. In love with the gesj program. Enjoys the WC and it has been a great experience. Interesting in learning more and learning with everyone. Go-getter. Doesn’t want to be measured by her marks but by how she participates. Pick her for her skills and not just because.


*The little red bag will be in the tree house. JUST VOTE ONCE. Be Honest. The voting will occur for the next two weeks (Voting ends at 11 am March Wednesday, 10)*



People can still submit works to the Our Voice Magazine. They are hoping to put out an issue next week during IWW.

The launch party for Our Voice will be held next Tuesday from 5-9. The food will be bought from Aramark and it will be vegetarian finger food. It will be held at the Owls Nest


End of Year Party- it will be catered. Wings and Things $10.35* per person

Combination of pizza, wings, lattice fries, nacho chips, veggie platter.  AND Pasta Buffet from $10.25* per personPasta Bar with Meat, Tomato, Alfredo sauce

(Meatballs, chicken cachatorie, veal parmasian, please inquire, costs vary). This will take place at 5 on April 9th, 2010.


Outside News: everything will be included in the March Calendar...


Shine a light campaign w/ WUSC

Looking for volunteers

+ date is not set



This Saturday, Average Joe GETURFREAKON 8:30pm

Roadhouse (open mic, etc)

Proceeds going to ACNBA + Gay organizations in Haiti


TRC Conference

Looking for student involvement

Student are free….please attend. Important!   & register!

Buses organized to go to speech at Nbissing high school


Aiming Higher volunteer meeting at 3pm in ALI (A220?)


ACCC hosting Black History night this Sat in theatre at 6pm

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