Attendance : Kayla, Jennifer, Kris, Ian, Sarah, Matt, Amanda, Emily, Michelle, Courtney, Alexandra, Lisanne, Jami, Tanya, Katie, Victoria, Sarah Jane, Marianne, Bonnie,Christine and Trina.

*Please pay attention to the highlighted area*

2 events :
Our Voice Launch: Resist the Cookie Cutter, Embrace Diversity!
Looking to be incorporated with screening+discussion of AA Projects.
Looking for it to be Tuesday evening (March 2nd)
Cecil’s Lounge or Owl’s Nest, upstairs of Bull & Quench (ask for Ashley) or 100 Georges.
Equipment rental from NNMML + Internet connection or copy of all projects
+ Catering
Articles are due February 19th
*Ian will be contacting venues.
*Lisanne will contact AA classmates.

Ushers for March 8th : Tanya, Vitoria, Jami, Kayla, Emily, Sarah (can be there for 5.)
*Sandy will be sending the names to Wendy P.

Community Art Project
-buy canvas (paints + markers?)
-Looking at holding it at Kennedy or White Water Gallery + other gallery
-‘Media Release’
*Don’t remember who said they’d contact the galleries?
*Once location is set, can look more at duration (one day vs. whole week)
+sort of setup..unsupervised?

Bath Tub Project (Feb 8-12th)
Drop offs are a no-go (Grocery stores)
School boards approved
*Ian and Sandy will be contacting the school now
Received some donations from a Hotel + 2 Dentist offices
*Someone will need to pick up (Any volunteers?)
-Media release will encourage community to drop off at Uni. (maybe shelters if acceptable)
-Cost of thanking everyone in huge ad?
-Maybe drop-off in Mall/Wal-Mart?
-Bob Pipe (look at Media Release Party? with all logos to possibly encourage drop off locations)
*Matt looking at contacting Anna
-Mention it when contacting corporates!
-Unanimous vote that funds from Fantasia Party to go towards purchasing products for    the BTP.
*Post table sign up sheet in WC
*Posters going up on campus Feb. 1st
*Hold on Media Release until we hear back from Matt

Vote on Constitution
-20 to 1 in favour of keeping Male Issues Representative a position open to all.
(Discussed it being reserved for a male and being cut when no males were interested; reserved for a male but woman could be temp when no male volunteer; complete removal of the position; the position being open to all.)
****As a result, we revisited last week’s vote: passing that 2 out of 5 execs must be women. Open another discussion which lead to the possibility of additional exec positions and  changing the group’s name.
-next meeting will be solely to cover this conversation and to finalize and pass the NUWC Constitution****

-Nomination period will start new week.
-If you are interested in nominating someone for a position for next year’s Execs…PLEASE talk to this person first. Ask them if they have a preferred position (Position Description are currently being worked out in the Constitution.) Plus, there is nothing stopping you from nominating yourself

Drum Workshop
- 5 spots left open / NEED to be opened
-          Need money by Feb 12th.

****Please note that Wednesday, February 3rd’s meeting (in Room TBA) will be addressing the NUWC Constitution for the majority of the meeting. There will be a discussion on the NUWC’s name (Both arguments for and against the name will be discussed. An EMPHASIS will be put on be put on problem-solving rather than a name-change). Also, all positions and their descriptions will have to be finalized in order to begin the scheduled Nomination period of Elections.****
PLEASE visit the website to see what sections of the Constitution are being worked on; they’re highlighted!
Currently, if you would like more information on next week’s meeting, please email the NUWC.

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