Attendance: Jessica, Haley, Dave, Jami, Christine, Sarah-Jane, Lisanne, Celine, Tanya, Victoria, Trina, Katie

Absent: Matt

1.) Take Back the Night

-Poster Party -Treehouse (7:00)

-Jami and Dave will get posters and paint and glow sticks

-Take Back the Night March

-6:30 Speeches and March at Nipissing Entrance

-7:10 Bus Departs Nipissing

-7:30 Speeches and March Downtown

2.) First Year Classes

-we are going to the first year classes to promote the Women's Centre

-Tuesday (6:30) H104

-Wednesday (7:30)

-anyone who can make it to have the discussion with the first years should try to come.

3.) Minutes

-absolutely need to go out this week

4.) Our Voice/Women’s Writing Group

-submissions before December 1st

-there is an overall general interest in this program

The Campus Women's Centre has long been a wonderful support to the AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area, and for that we are grateful.

I am writing today because we need your help.

Our most lucrative and consistent fundraising efforts is desperately in need of volunteers.

Two Monsdays per month, ACNBA hosts a charity bingo session at Blue Sky Bingo.

We are having trouble staffing these nights and risk losing our spot if we do not have enough volunteers.

This is where you folks come in.

let me give you a breakdown of some of the benefits of joining us:

--Staffing a bingo is super fun. 

--You get to meet and hang out with other volunteers (some of whom are Campus Women's Centre alumnae)  

--Our bingo slot coincides with Free Meal Mondays, which means that you will be fed...for free.

--You will be contributing to the fundraising efforts that help us support our clients

--you will brush up on your addition and subtraction

--a few of us can give rides to people who need a lift

Bingo is every other Monday and volunteers are expected to be at the bingo hall by 4:45pm.  The bingo usually lasts until about 8:30pm.

Please let me know if you think this is something Women's Centre members might be interested in doing and I will get the ball rolling.  Feel free to forward my email address to anyone you think might be interested.


Erin Dokis

Past President of ACNBA

Women's Centre Alumna

**If you're interested in volounteering, please contact Carri Johnson @ Bingo nights are:


Attendance: Jami, Christine, Tanya, Celine, David, Sarah, Victoria, Trina, Sarah-Jane, Emily Lisanne, Katie, Sophie

Absent: Matt

1.) Minutes need to be sent out

-Oct. 3 Minutes + The email from Lisanne to Executives

2.) The WC Board still needs to be revamped

-Katie is going to finish the board

3.) Club Daze

-have the winners been pulled yet from the basket (Joanne Hamilton)

-when will the tickets be available for the winners to pick up

-we will email her close to the date

4.) Take Back The Night

-Poster Party is Tuesday October 26th from 7pm-10 pm in the Treehouse (A244)

-room is booked

-Jami will order pizza (how much? What kinds? Where from?)

-2 veggies

-3 pepperoni

-1 cheese

-Pocker Deal

-TBTN March on the 28th

-Where is our venue?

-Veg Out?


-white water gallery

-Have the speakers been contacted? If so who is coming to date?

-Trina, Kathleen from AIDS Committee, Sandra from Security

-Media release with Bob Pipe (Lisanne)

-know the times and the venues

-Leslie may make the campus parade

-Get parade permit and road closure (Jami)

-catering needs to be decided on once a venue is chosen

-venue needs to be confirmed to decide this

-catering is expensive (we may need to do a potluck)

-transportation from the school to downtown

-stock, East Ferris, etc.

-one bus from Nipissing to downtown and then another from

downtown to Nipissing

-get bus for 7:10 and then to go back to school 8:20

March at Nipissing (6:30)

March at Downtown (7:30)


-posters are finished but we need a venue before they can be released

-posters have been requested by several businesses

-Classroom advertising?

-who will be talking and at what lectures

5.) Passion Party

-Happening Thursday, November 18th at 7pm in the Owl’s Nest (H102)

-Amanda Lytle is booked as representative

-Trina will be making a Sexual Safety Presentation beforehand

-Cover will be $2 with all funds going to Amelia Rising

-Everyone is welcome!

(Same thing happening on Tuesday, February 1st; with the exception of having a Sexual Health presentation instead of Sexual Safety)

6.) T-Shit Details

-feminist words forming silhouette of Rosie the Riveter

-feminist words that define feminism

-“BE YOU (tiful)”

-we decided that the shirt will read “This is what a Feminist looks like”

-it can be purchased in bulk in the shade colours (black, white, grey)

7.) Suggestions for an event on Nov. 25th (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women)

-Montreal Massacre anniversary is not far away from this date. Maybe we can join the two events

-t-shirts for this day


-We won’t be doing anything specific for this date

-we may put up a board with information

8.) Advertisements for the WC

-Need a poster to advertise our meetings (Sarah-Jane)

-Poster our board on 1st Floor H-wing (Katie)

-Matt will look into putting the posters up for the white ribbon campaign on the ceiling throughout the school.

9.) Photographs of the new Executives

-what date works for everyone (TBTN Poster Party?)

10.) Bingo

-the AIDS committee is going to lose their spot if they don’t have more volunteers

Attendance: Lisanne, Christine, Matt, Celine, Jess, Victoria, Tanya, Trina, Katie

Absent: Jami and Sarah Jane

1.) Boob Cookie and Cupcake Sale Update
-Raised $273.11 for CIBC Run for the Cure.

-A great big thank you to all our bakers, table attendants and to everyone who purchased our baked boobs and/or donated!

2.)Club Daze

-Revamp Information board: add FREE Condoms (available in WC) + Vagina Monologues in March under Events + Update Meeting Time (Lisanne)

-Paper footprints will lead from table to A244a (Lisanne)

-Those who follow the footprints can enter their name and e-mail into a box for a draw of three (3) pairs of tickets to the Vagina Monologues

-Information table with have board, our voice, pamphlets…anyone who has the time to sit at the table is more than welcome!

3.)Take Back the Night (TBTN)

POSTER PARTY is Tuesday, October 26th from 7pm-10pm in the Treehouse (A244)

-Room is booked and pizza will be ordered (Jami, if you can look into ordering the pizza)


-looking at Thursday, October 28th (schedule TBA)

-possible venues: Cecil’s, Urban Café, The Moose, Inn on the Bay, White Water Gallery (SJ, can you contact?)

-Suggestions for speakers: Sandra Gibson from Campus Security, Amelia Rising, Multicultural Centre, Kathleen Jodouin from ACNBA, Sexual Assault Centre in hospital, Trina…any more? (Lisanne will contact)

-Once venue is decided on will: work on media release with Bob Pipe, get parade permit and road closure, + look into catering (Jami)

-suggested that the bus bring students to AND from Campus and Downtown (Jami)

-get posters to advertise on-campus and Downtown (SJ).

5.)Passion Party

-happening Thursday, November 18th at 7pm in the Wall (Mezz Level)

-Amanda Lytle is booked as representative

-Trina will be making a Sexual Safety Presentation beforehand

-Cover will be $2 with all funds going to Amelia Rising
-Cash bar

-Everyone is welcome!

(Same thing happening on Tuesday, February 1st; with the exception of having a Sexual Health presentation instead of Sexual Safety)


-Need a poster to advertise our meetings (SJ?)
-Poster our board on 1
st Floor H-wing (Katie)
-EXECS: Would like to take a group and single photos for web and office. Does before the TBTN poster party work for all?

7.)Reading Week
-No meeting next week. Rest up!

8.) Next Meeting

-Oct. 18th at 10:15 in the WC (A244a)

-Will finalize Take Back the Night details

-T-shirts (Suggestions so far: feminist words forming silhouette of Rosie the Riveter; feminist and words that define; BE YOU (tiful))

-Open to suggestions for event on Nov. 25th (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women)


1.) Office Hours
-does anyone want office hours?

2.) T-shirts (discuss options)

-do people want a WC shirt? (yes)

-Sj needs to be here

3.) Subcommittees (Join a committee if you're interested in helping out with White Ribbon Campaign, Vagina Monologues, Event setups, Posters & Billboards, or if you're looking at organizing a new event on campus. Sheets will be placed on the inside/back of the WC door.)

-we have subcommittees so anyone can sign up

-event leaders make their own event (Lisanne will help you one on one)

-poster/billboard committee (putting up new posters for each month)

-Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (need to talk to the guys in residence)

-anyone who wants to participate can

-if we start early we can get business’ to participate (they can give donations)

4.) Childcare options at Nip/Can

-there used to be a daycare, but now we have nothing to provide mothers with

-SJ is in contact with Lucy (Lucy has brought the issue to our attention)

5.) Our Voice

-we are not sure if the first issue has been printed (contact SJ)

6.) Meet & Greet

-do we want to have a table and then have the students come to the centre?

-we can offer a prize or cookies

-a trail from the table to the room

7.) Women and HIV Conference in Sudbury (October)

-October 19th and 20th

-keynote speaker is Dr. Binder

-the workshop topics are HIV and women, LGTB youth, etc.

-need to register by the 22nd

-60$ a night
8.) Stop Being Dependant (Sponsorship/Fundraising)

-we will deal with this topic next week when SJ and Matt are in attendance

9.) Women's Worlds Conference in Ottawa (Women's Worlds is a global feminist conference and it is being held in Canada for the very first time. Please visit the website and consider attending if you can afford it. Low-waged and student rate is $100 if you register before March 1, 2011.)

-we have time to consider this

10.) Calendar & Budget

11.) Study on Global Citizenship

12.) TBTN

-look into getting speakers

-think about what we are going to ask our volunteer speakers to talk about

-all of our advertisements have to be okayed by Bob Pipe

-Vagina Monologues

-dates? (Wed, Thursday, Sat -ideally)

-March 9th, 10th 12th

-Buddha is willing to do all three shows at the wall

-Passion Party in November

-what night is best for everyone?

-Thursday in November at 8 pm

-possibly the 18th

-do we want two dates or just the one in November?

-Feb 1st is the other date

-Trina will present her safe sex presentation