1.) Office Hours
-does anyone want office hours?

2.) T-shirts (discuss options)

-do people want a WC shirt? (yes)

-Sj needs to be here

3.) Subcommittees (Join a committee if you're interested in helping out with White Ribbon Campaign, Vagina Monologues, Event setups, Posters & Billboards, or if you're looking at organizing a new event on campus. Sheets will be placed on the inside/back of the WC door.)

-we have subcommittees so anyone can sign up

-event leaders make their own event (Lisanne will help you one on one)

-poster/billboard committee (putting up new posters for each month)

-Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (need to talk to the guys in residence)

-anyone who wants to participate can

-if we start early we can get business’ to participate (they can give donations)

4.) Childcare options at Nip/Can

-there used to be a daycare, but now we have nothing to provide mothers with

-SJ is in contact with Lucy (Lucy has brought the issue to our attention)

5.) Our Voice

-we are not sure if the first issue has been printed (contact SJ)

6.) Meet & Greet

-do we want to have a table and then have the students come to the centre?

-we can offer a prize or cookies

-a trail from the table to the room

7.) Women and HIV Conference in Sudbury (October)

-October 19th and 20th

-keynote speaker is Dr. Binder

-the workshop topics are HIV and women, LGTB youth, etc.

-need to register by the 22nd

-60$ a night
8.) Stop Being Dependant (Sponsorship/Fundraising)

-we will deal with this topic next week when SJ and Matt are in attendance

9.) Women's Worlds Conference in Ottawa (Women's Worlds is a global feminist conference and it is being held in Canada for the very first time. Please visit the website and consider attending if you can afford it. http://www.womensworlds.ca/ Low-waged and student rate is $100 if you register before March 1, 2011.)

-we have time to consider this

10.) Calendar & Budget

11.) Study on Global Citizenship

12.) TBTN

-look into getting speakers

-think about what we are going to ask our volunteer speakers to talk about

-all of our advertisements have to be okayed by Bob Pipe

-Vagina Monologues

-dates? (Wed, Thursday, Sat -ideally)

-March 9th, 10th 12th

-Buddha is willing to do all three shows at the wall

-Passion Party in November

-what night is best for everyone?

-Thursday in November at 8 pm

-possibly the 18th

-do we want two dates or just the one in November?

-Feb 1st is the other date

-Trina will present her safe sex presentation

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