Attendance: Jami, Christine, Tanya, Celine, David, Sarah, Victoria, Trina, Sarah-Jane, Emily Lisanne, Katie, Sophie

Absent: Matt

1.) Minutes need to be sent out

-Oct. 3 Minutes + The email from Lisanne to Executives

2.) The WC Board still needs to be revamped

-Katie is going to finish the board

3.) Club Daze

-have the winners been pulled yet from the basket (Joanne Hamilton)

-when will the tickets be available for the winners to pick up

-we will email her close to the date

4.) Take Back The Night

-Poster Party is Tuesday October 26th from 7pm-10 pm in the Treehouse (A244)

-room is booked

-Jami will order pizza (how much? What kinds? Where from?)

-2 veggies

-3 pepperoni

-1 cheese

-Pocker Deal

-TBTN March on the 28th

-Where is our venue?

-Veg Out?


-white water gallery

-Have the speakers been contacted? If so who is coming to date?

-Trina, Kathleen from AIDS Committee, Sandra from Security

-Media release with Bob Pipe (Lisanne)

-know the times and the venues

-Leslie may make the campus parade

-Get parade permit and road closure (Jami)

-catering needs to be decided on once a venue is chosen

-venue needs to be confirmed to decide this

-catering is expensive (we may need to do a potluck)

-transportation from the school to downtown

-stock, East Ferris, etc.

-one bus from Nipissing to downtown and then another from

downtown to Nipissing

-get bus for 7:10 and then to go back to school 8:20

March at Nipissing (6:30)

March at Downtown (7:30)


-posters are finished but we need a venue before they can be released

-posters have been requested by several businesses

-Classroom advertising?

-who will be talking and at what lectures

5.) Passion Party

-Happening Thursday, November 18th at 7pm in the Owl’s Nest (H102)

-Amanda Lytle is booked as representative

-Trina will be making a Sexual Safety Presentation beforehand

-Cover will be $2 with all funds going to Amelia Rising

-Everyone is welcome!

(Same thing happening on Tuesday, February 1st; with the exception of having a Sexual Health presentation instead of Sexual Safety)

6.) T-Shit Details

-feminist words forming silhouette of Rosie the Riveter

-feminist words that define feminism

-“BE YOU (tiful)”

-we decided that the shirt will read “This is what a Feminist looks like”

-it can be purchased in bulk in the shade colours (black, white, grey)

7.) Suggestions for an event on Nov. 25th (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women)

-Montreal Massacre anniversary is not far away from this date. Maybe we can join the two events

-t-shirts for this day


-We won’t be doing anything specific for this date

-we may put up a board with information

8.) Advertisements for the WC

-Need a poster to advertise our meetings (Sarah-Jane)

-Poster our board on 1st Floor H-wing (Katie)

-Matt will look into putting the posters up for the white ribbon campaign on the ceiling throughout the school.

9.) Photographs of the new Executives

-what date works for everyone (TBTN Poster Party?)

10.) Bingo

-the AIDS committee is going to lose their spot if they don’t have more volunteers

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