The Campus Women's Centre has long been a wonderful support to the AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area, and for that we are grateful.

I am writing today because we need your help.

Our most lucrative and consistent fundraising efforts is desperately in need of volunteers.

Two Monsdays per month, ACNBA hosts a charity bingo session at Blue Sky Bingo.

We are having trouble staffing these nights and risk losing our spot if we do not have enough volunteers.

This is where you folks come in.

let me give you a breakdown of some of the benefits of joining us:

--Staffing a bingo is super fun. 

--You get to meet and hang out with other volunteers (some of whom are Campus Women's Centre alumnae)  

--Our bingo slot coincides with Free Meal Mondays, which means that you will be fed...for free.

--You will be contributing to the fundraising efforts that help us support our clients

--you will brush up on your addition and subtraction

--a few of us can give rides to people who need a lift

Bingo is every other Monday and volunteers are expected to be at the bingo hall by 4:45pm.  The bingo usually lasts until about 8:30pm.

Please let me know if you think this is something Women's Centre members might be interested in doing and I will get the ball rolling.  Feel free to forward my email address to anyone you think might be interested.


Erin Dokis

Past President of ACNBA

Women's Centre Alumna

**If you're interested in volounteering, please contact Carri Johnson @ Bingo nights are:

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