1) Our Voice
Looking at the next issue to come out in January when students return from X-mas break. The theme is Body Esteem and submissions will be accepted until December 28th! All articles, poetry, art work and etc is accepted. Please submit all submissions to ourvoice1@live.com.

2) Zine
Possibility of working with community zine distributors to produce a zine which would be more readily available to a greater population rather than just Nipissing and Canadore. Looking at this possibly happening in Jan-Feb.

3) Christmas Karma Bank
Funds raised will be announced at the next meeting and then donated to True Self.

4) Pride Update
At the Pride meeting on Monday events for after the holidays were discussed. Event ideas included a drag party and an activity for Valentine’s Day. The Pride bake sale is November 25th from 10-4 in the main hallway. Come make a food donation, buy some treats or help run the table.

International Day Against Violence and December 6th Vigil
If anyone is interested in attending a dinner in remembrance of the Montreal Massacre there is a dinner being held at Average Joe’s (on Trout Lake) – the date, time and cost are still pending
-          If anyone else is interested please email the Women’s Centre – we will send you the information about the dinner when it is available

-The movie screening for “Once We Were Warriors” will be on November 25th  at 6:45 in room A224 – admission is a donation to the food bank.

-          A Montreal Massacre memorial is tentatively being held on December 7th from 6pm to 7pm.
-          This is being arranged by Sarah Jane and Jamie
-          Suggestions for the memorial include singing, drumming and a moment of silence
-          Marianne has volunteered to sing and encourages others to be drums and instruments to this event
-          This will take place by the pond
-          The Women’s Centre is dedicating the bulletin board outside of the office to the women who were killed in the Montreal Massacre

6)      Resource Tours for Amelia Rising
The first resource tour is taking place on November 27th.
Meet at 2pm at the downtown bus terminal. The resource tours will give people an idea of the resources that are available in North Bay. This gives participants an understanding of what organizations do and the services they offer.

7)      Penny Sale
We discussed the possibility of having a penny sale after the holidays. For this event and other similar events it may be a good idea to make a list of who to contact regarding donations (which stores and organizations we generally have support from). As well if the event is after Christmas it may be a good idea to regift Christmas presents for the penny sale.

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