Hello, I am a student at Western Law working on an international law internship with 'Rural Women Making Change' at the University of Guelph this summer. 
I will be up in North Bay to do some research with women involved in the agricultural sector starting next Wednesday May 19th, 2010.
I'm still looking for women who might be interested in speaking with me for this research, and I'm wondering if your organization can help me to find the local contact for the Local Council of Women or for any other women's groups in the area?
Thanks very much,
Heather Alexander
 RWMC Intern, University of Guelph
 International Law Internship Program
 Western Law
 University of Western Ontario

***Please note that Heather is available to carry out interviews between May 18 and June 5, and that anyone interested can contact me at halexan2@uwo.ca for more information.***
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