Attendance: Dave, Victoria, Tanya, Jessica, Lisanne, Sarah-Jane, Sophie, Vicky and Kathleen
Absent: Matt, Celine
1.) Thank you to all who gave their time and support to make TBTN a success
-feedback from TBTN
-it is our responsibility to protect our participants and some of the signs have offended some of the members
-“You Can’t Gag this Bitch” is offensive because it uses the language of the oppressor and it suggests “You can’t gag me
-”Hey Mister Get Off My Sister” is offensive because it sounds like it is ` played for humour and it implies that sexual assault is explicitly heterosexual
2.) Meghan Trussler (Amelia Rising) emailed us asking if we would like to participate in their Dec. 6th vigil
-she has said that the Indian Friendship Centre would be willing to open up their doors for us
-our demonstration should happen on campus, but otherwise this partnership is encouraged
-she also offered someone who would open and close the vigil with a prayer
-there is some suggestion that not everyone is comfortable with a prayer (perhaps a moment of silence is more appropriate?)
3.) Worlds Aids Days (Dec 1)
-any ideas?
-Condom Blitz???
-Red Party at Hundred Georges (Open Mike)???
-Lights for Rice (replacing light bulbs with red bulbs)
-25% of the funds for the dinner will go toward AIDS
-there is not enough interest in this event from the Women’s Centre--IF ANY MEMBERS ARE INTERESTED CAN YOU EMAIL YOUR INTEREST-thank-you
-Grandmother’s for Africa????
4.) Passion Party Posters (who wants to do them?)
-Lisanne will create the posters (we need to remember to make more than last year)
5.) Hug Week T-Shirt Party (date: ?)
-we need to make a t-shirt for this event (a uniform)
-iron on shirts??? Stencil??
-Sarah-Jane will email Andrew and see how much and when the t-shirts can be ordered (25 t-shirts of different sizes)
-Hug Week (Dec. 6-10)

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