Attendance: Jami, Matt, Lisanne, Celine, Trina, Trina, Michelle, Dave, Tanya, Haley, Amanda, Katie, Katherine
Absent: Sarah-Jane

1.) History of Homosexuality Presentation
-meeting at 10-11:30 am
2.) Vigil (December 6th-5:00pm)
-Vigil in the Nipissing Hallway Entrance
-slideshow presentation (Matt)
3.) White Ribbon Campaign
-meeting next Monday (after the NipPride and Women’s Centre)
-bring small boxes to collect ribbons and money
4.) AIDS Lottery
-we still need volunteers to sit out, advertise and sell squares
-representatives from the AIDS Committee of North Bay will be sitting with us on Nov. 30th
5.) Hug Week
-Dec. 6-happening in residence (11am-2pm) (NipPride and Residence)
-Dec.6-10th-create your own shirt and spread the love
6.) Assignment
-over the break please contact a college/university in your area to inquire about their Women’s Centre and Pride Centre
-visiting would be even better
7.) Meetings in the New Year
-we will be reinforcing “positive space”
-please respect everyone in the centre
-we will also be trying to have meetings outside of the centre to encourage more student participation

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