Attendance: Sophie, Sophie, Victoria, Katie, Sarah, David, Trina, Matt, Haley, Christine, Celine, Lisanne, Sarah-Jane, Jessica, Tanya, Sarah
1.) Celebration at Average Joe’s
-10% of the cost of the dinner will go to AIDS awareness
-call to RSVP
2.) What to do for AIDS Awareness Week?
-option 1: purchase an item from the Red Campaign (possible items: Ipod, Personal laptop, headphones)--proceeds will go to AIDS Awareness
-option 2: Bake sale--proceeds go to AIDS Awareness
Nov. 22, 10

Meeting Minutes

Lisanne, Sarah-Jane, Victoria, Tanya, Trina, Dustin
Absent: Jami, Celine, Matt
1.) North Bay AIDS Committee-North Bay Jail Book Drive
-As part of a project called “Women on the Inside”, the North Bay AIDS Committee will be collecting books for inmates in the North Bay Jail.
-this project was incredibly successful last year and they are hoping for similar results
-this year, they are hoping for soft cover books (no hardcovers or magazines)
-there is also wish list on that has been set up for specific books
-soft cover books can be dropped off at the AIDS committee at 269 Main Street W., Suite 201, by Friday, December 10, 2010.
-books can also be dropped off at Wendy Peters office (her office hours are on Wednesday between 11:20 and 12:20 in room A310).
2.) AIDS Awareness Week
-the Women’s Centre will be setting up a table during the week of November 24th- Dec. 1st
-we will be holding a draw (people will pay 3$ for a chance to win)
-if the draw is successful:
-prize will be a $100 for the winner
-donation will be $200 for the North Bay AIDS Committee
-tables are already reserved
-we still need volunteers to sit at the table (there is a sign up sheet in the Women’s Centre)
3.) AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area
-Representatives from ACNBA and Amelia Rising will be at Nipissing on November 30th (both groups will be focusing on Women and HIV AIDS)

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