-issues of transparency, accountability, tampering
-previous ballots are void
-accusations of multiple votes

New format:
-Same nominations
-Third party will supervise ballot box after hours (Erin Dokis; in Aboriginal Services)
            She will match # of student card #s to # of ballots (to make sure they match)
-You may only vote at certain times
-Daily designated Exec
When you come to vote
-you present your student card, we record student #
-you are given a voting ballot (+ blank ballot(s) to nominate for awards)
-votes will be tallied at meeting (in front of all)
-just ONE week
-all Nip students may vote (they all pay our fees)
- Voting schedule:
Wed: (Emily) 12:30-3:30
Thurs: (Ian) 11-3
Fri: (Lisanne) 11-3
Mon: (Alexandra) 11-3
Tues: (Bonnie) 11-3.

Voting is in the WC.

*Temporary, Constitution should be changed for next year, asap.

March 15th Movie

7pm - Screening of You Can't Beat a Woman (1997) in H106.

End of Year Party
Bring board games
Catered by Aramark
Vegan choices + trying to get sundae bar (BYOBanana)
Friday, April 9th (6-10pm)
Owl’s Nest + H131

Flashlight Flash Mob
Tomorrow, 6:30pm
Thursday, March 11, 2010
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Nipissing University Student Centre
Be there or please donate if you can! J
White Ribbon Campaign
Ian, Matt and Dennis
-elimination of violence against women
-international campaign
-re-introducing on campus and in North Bay
-materials are to be ordered
-partners: AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area
-only supposed to be 1 week/year…..looking at making it a full year
-starting Sept. 2010-03-10
Drag Party
THIS Saturday, March 13th 2pm, Weaver (B200)
2$ entrance fee (going to AIDS Committee of North Bay and Amelia Rising)
Must fill in the audience!
If others still interested in competing, please fill in forms ASAP.
Will be a Gender Bending station for those who won’t be competing.
Audience can dress up
WC judge: Bonnie
Other judges: Victoria (Pride), Trina (NUSU), Marie (Amelia Rising), Dennis (ACNBA) and a past inner).
March Up Close
March 15th-17th
Information Fair…..volunteers for table
Display board + pamphlets.
Contact Rosemary for table asap.
International Women’s Day
Information Fair at ACNBA went well

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