Vagina MonologuesAuditions Update

Cast of 16

Everyone has their parts

We’re fully casts J

Feb. Recruiting Contest

Recruiting contest for the month of February so we can getnew members.

Open to new members only. Point system. Most points at theend of the month = $50.

-1 pt. for joining the mailing list (or having a buddy joinand quoting your name)

-2pts for attending Passion Party and/or for every 1 hr. yousign up to sit at the table during the Bath Tub Project

-3 points for attending a meeting

*Bonus 3 points: 1 time only. For physically entering the WC(A244a).


-meeting with Andrew on Monday

-he needs the order again, we should get them in 2-3 weeks

-price will be $20, $5 of which will be going to a charityof our choice

Passion Party

 Tuesday Feb. 1st

 7-10 pm @ The Wall

Bar is open

Games and prizes!

Bath Tub Project

Week before and after Reading Week

Feb. 14-18 + Feb. 28- Mar. 4

SJ will make a poster

We will have a sign up sheet for ppl wanting to sit at thetable

-Waiting to see if we can get a Downtown drop-off duringReading Week

Lad's N' Lashes

Feb. 25th @ Royal Legion

AIDS committee fundraiser

Buy your tickets ASAP if you’re interested

They sell out every year

Canadore/Nipissing Relay for Life

March 11th in Canadore Gym

(See Facebook for further details)


White Ribbon Campaign

Looking to have a ‘Run a Mile in Her Shoes’ race

(Guys running in heels)

Fundraise the month of March

Race: looking at Saturday, March 26th

Up the Monastery Trail (weather permitting, ortherwise, inUniversity)

Will need to start advertising during February

Rules: 1 inch minimum heel + heels must be on at all times

Prizes to be determined for 1st, 2ndand 3rd places (want suggestions for next week)

Suggestion: basket, foot massage

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