1.) New Meet Time
-we will begin our meetings at 11:30 sharp
-if you are late or have to leave at any point then just exit quietly
2.) Fantasia Party (Feb.1)
-we will have another Fantasia party at the wall on Feb. 1 at 7:10pm
-MEN and WOMEN are allowed
-it is an all inclusive event
3.) Club Daze (Jan. 17-21)
-sign-up sheet for the Club Daze will be posted on the WC’s door
-please sign up…even if it is just for an half hour
-we will have the AIDS lottery sheet set up at the table
-we need to sell the rest of the squares as soon as possible
4.) Vagina Monologues
-our contribution to IWW will be this play
-auditions begin Jan. 24 and will be going until Jan 26th
-they will be held in F210
-they will be from 9:30pm-11:00pm
-Talk to Trina or Lisanne for more information
-only women can be in the play, but men can be working behind the scenes
-all WC members should be advertising in their classes because this play and its actors are not restricted to the WC and its members
5.) Intro GEND courses
-we will be going to Sal and Wendy’s introductory courses to talk about the WC
-it will be less of a recruitment and more of a class discussion asking “what can we do to make the WC more appealing to you?”
-less formal and more class discussion
6.) Bath Tub Project
-we will be holding the bath tub project for two weeks this year (one week before and one week after reading week)
-members will be required to call around to local hotels, grocery stores, dentist offices, etc. to ask for donations
-the project does not require that people sit at a booth. We do need someone to flip the pool over in the morning and throw a couple of products in there and then take the products out at the end of the night and rest the pool against the wall. This needs to be done every day.
-better advertising and media coverage needs to be thought of this year
-if anyone has any ideas for attention grab then please email us back or flag one of us down in the hall.
-we need to contact Residence for support. In past year Residence has been a very helpful ally with this particular project
7.) IWW
-we will be putting on the Vagina Monologues
-IWW still needs speakers so if anyone has any ideas as to who could interest both student and professor then please forward them to us or Dr. Wendy Peters
8.) Constitution and Elections
-elections should happen earlier this year because most of the current executives will be gone next year. Having the elections happen earlier means that the newly elected can have ample time to shadow their respective executive.
-something to consider is whether you want voting to happen by paper or electronic ballot.
-should we or shouldn’t we fix the constitution? This was a concern of last year’s members and executives. We decided that we needed to have more member vocal participation for us to change it. Members don’t seem concerned so we won’t be changing it until someone comes to us with concern or the newly elected members ask us to.
-Because many of the members and executives will be leaving Nipissing this is a chance for younger members or other members who have been dissatisfied with the WC’s politics to come forward and enhance the WC.
-this will be discussed when we tour the Intro GEND courses
9.) New Posters for WC
-we need new posters with our new time and date on them
-Sarah-Jane is responsible for creating and distributing them
10.) New Resources
-all members should keep their eyes open for new resources that we can add to the WC
-we do have extra funding for this at this particular time
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