Special Note: - We celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Nipissing University Women’s Centre. We would like to thank the EVERYONE for their support!

Also, last meeting of 2009. A meeting date and time will be announced for 2010.

Walk of Silence
-20th Anniversary of The Montreal Massacre-
-National Day of Remembrance and Violence against Women-
For Take Back the Night, we marched to raise our voices for victims of sexual crimes. Now, we will Walk in Silence to remember those who have lost their lives to violence.
D A T E : Saturday, December 5 2009
T I M E : 4.30 - 5.30 pm
A G E N D A :
-Walk of Silence (on overpass)
(please bring candles, cups will be provided)
-Native Healing Ceremony

A special thanks to Jami and Sarah Jane for arranging this memorial. 

Fantasia Party
Update: tentatively being held on February 1st 2009. Possibly start with Amelia Rising's healthy relationship presentation and game. We are trying to arrange for a venue for the event (only trouble is because the consultant will be making money off the students). Cover $5, tickets will be sold in advance asap in the new year.

Christmas Karma Bank Update
The Christmas Karma Bank will be making a $50 donation to True Self. 

In the next few weeks a date and time will be established for next semester.  If you have the opportunity please join us on Saturday.
Montreal Massacre Vigil Dinner The dinner is being held at 5:30 on Wednesday December 2nd at Average Joe’s (on Trout Lake). The cost of the dinner is $30 per person. The Women’s Centre (at the meeting) decided to help offset the cost; the Women’s Centre will pay $20 per person (for up to five people) to attend. Each person pays the remaining $10. Amanda, Sarah- Jane and Jamie are interested in attending so far. If you are interested in attending please let us know (either by email or in person). 

  Drum Workshop
Looking into holding one on campus, hopefully not too expensive. Incollaboration with Aboriginal Services and other?? If not able this year, look at the start of year Pow Wow?

  Montreal Massacre Vigil
The vigil is being organized by Sarah-Jane and Jami. We discussed possible days for the vigil. Saturday December 5th from 4:30-5:30 is a possible date and time for the vigil (this is still being decided on). Ideas for the memorial: Candlelight silent walk by the waterfront (meet at Lea Park), speakers and prayer service. The date, time, and location of this event will be confirmed at the next meeting. We are also looking for people that are interested in speaking at the vigil (please respond to this email).
For media coverage of this event the media release should be completed and submitted by December 3rd.

AIDS Awareness Week 2009: 

 - Tuesday December 1st, the staff and volunteers of the AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area will be hosting a day of education/awareness as part of AIDS Awareness Week 2009 and World AIDS Day. 
- The Educate-a-Thon will take place outside the Nipissing/Canadore Women's Centre A244

9:00am - Sandy Foster speaking from Hope To Kenya
10:00am - Jerri Clout from YOUTH4YOUTH-Patrick4Life
11:00am - Jody Cotter of the Union of Ontario Indians
1:00pm - Bunty Swanson of the Grandmothers for Africa Project
2:00pm - Shannon Elissa Palmer, AIDS Committee of North Bay, Hepatitis C Program Coordinator
4:00pm - Dennis Chippa - AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area-Prescription Drugs and HIV/AIDS
6:00pm - TBA 
For more information contact Dennis Chippa at (705) 497-3560