1) Our Voice
Looking at the next issue to come out in January when students return from X-mas break. The theme is Body Esteem and submissions will be accepted until December 28th! All articles, poetry, art work and etc is accepted. Please submit all submissions to ourvoice1@live.com.

2) Zine
Possibility of working with community zine distributors to produce a zine which would be more readily available to a greater population rather than just Nipissing and Canadore. Looking at this possibly happening in Jan-Feb.

3) Christmas Karma Bank
Funds raised will be announced at the next meeting and then donated to True Self.

4) Pride Update
At the Pride meeting on Monday events for after the holidays were discussed. Event ideas included a drag party and an activity for Valentine’s Day. The Pride bake sale is November 25th from 10-4 in the main hallway. Come make a food donation, buy some treats or help run the table.

International Day Against Violence and December 6th Vigil
If anyone is interested in attending a dinner in remembrance of the Montreal Massacre there is a dinner being held at Average Joe’s (on Trout Lake) – the date, time and cost are still pending
-          If anyone else is interested please email the Women’s Centre – we will send you the information about the dinner when it is available

-The movie screening for “Once We Were Warriors” will be on November 25th  at 6:45 in room A224 – admission is a donation to the food bank.

-          A Montreal Massacre memorial is tentatively being held on December 7th from 6pm to 7pm.
-          This is being arranged by Sarah Jane and Jamie
-          Suggestions for the memorial include singing, drumming and a moment of silence
-          Marianne has volunteered to sing and encourages others to be drums and instruments to this event
-          This will take place by the pond
-          The Women’s Centre is dedicating the bulletin board outside of the office to the women who were killed in the Montreal Massacre

6)      Resource Tours for Amelia Rising
The first resource tour is taking place on November 27th.
Meet at 2pm at the downtown bus terminal. The resource tours will give people an idea of the resources that are available in North Bay. This gives participants an understanding of what organizations do and the services they offer.

7)      Penny Sale
We discussed the possibility of having a penny sale after the holidays. For this event and other similar events it may be a good idea to make a list of who to contact regarding donations (which stores and organizations we generally have support from). As well if the event is after Christmas it may be a good idea to regift Christmas presents for the penny sale.
November 25th - International Day to End Violence Against Women
Room's booked (A224). 2 speakers confirmed and possibly looking at a third from Amelia Rising. Ian has Once Were Warriors. Sarah Calder is in charge of organizing concessions. Concessions items will be sold for suggested donations. Entry will be a non-perishable food item. All donations will be going towards the Student Food Bank. 

Resources Tours
We have our first confirmed tour: Amelia Rising on November 27th @ 2:30. Members can meet at the Bus Terminal at 2:00 or in front of the Government building (where Amelia Rising resides @ 101 Worthington St. E.) at 2:15.

Pride Update
Bonnie had a discussion with Marianne (NUSU President). CanNip Pride and NUSU Student Executives will be teaming up together to propose student levy funding. That way, if successful, Pride would not be recognized as a club but a recognized University organization.

Pride's bake sale will be during the day of Nov. 25th will all funds going to the AIDS Committee of North Bay. Bakers and donations still needed, sign-up sheets are in the WC.

T-Shirts are in! Pay & pick-up your order , or place an order today with one of the Execs in the WC or by e-mail. Make sure to give us your size and preferred color.

OUT North Meeting
OUT North is a free monthly coffee hour hosted by the AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area.
Come and enjoy our November coffee hour for snacks, games and fun. This month we are creating a bowling alley inside the ACNBA lounge.
For more information contact Caitlin at 497-3560
Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area Lounge
Street: 269 Main St. West, Suite 201

Christmas Karma Bank Update
Looks like the X-mas Karma Bank will only be making about 50$. The money will be going to True Self's holiday social where small gifts will be provided for the women who have accessed their program (and their children).

Suggest that in following years it be on the first week of December (too much with Movember and other events). 
Christmas Karma Bank extended until Nov. 13th.

Santa Claus Parade
If anyone would like to help NUSU with their float, there will be a meeting in the NUSU office on Monday November 9th  from 8 to 11 pm.

Resources Tours
Have had responses from Nipissing Transition House, MADD Nipissing, The Gathering Place, Amelia Rising, and White Water Gallery. Discussed trying to get tours of the Transition House and Amelia Rising on a Friday and hopefully on the same day. Possible mock crash with MADD. Volunteer or fundraising for the Gathering Place and possible Art auction at White Water.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, aka November 25 
The room (H104)  has been booked for the showing of ‘Once Were Warriors’.  It will begin shortly after 6:30 pm.  Admission will be either a food or money donation for the Gathering Place.  A panel discussion/roundtable will take place after the film.

CanNip Pride
It has been decided is that NUSU will not recognize or fund the club. Pride will continue to have meetings and events. Bonnie is planning to appeal at the next Delegate meeting. All are asked to attend this meeting and show your support for our right to have a Pride club. When more details come available we'll let you know! 

Meetings during possible strike 
In the event that the faculty strike does occur, the WC meetings will continue at a location downtown so that students do not have to cross the picket line in order to attend.  The location will be made known to everyone by email.