Thank you to everyone who came out and to everyone who wasn't able to make it!
Your involvement this year has significantly helped to shape the NUWC.

This year's award winners were:
Most Office Hours - Lisanne Roy
Energizer Bunny - Lisanne Roy
Most Dedicated New Members - Marianne Van Beek and Sarah Jane Valiquette
Human Encyclopedia - Ian Desjardins
Person with the Most Non-Existent Friends - Christine Clarke
Best Greetings - Kris Kelly
Most Popular WC Name - The Sarahs - Sarah Ash, Sarah Calder and Sarah Jane
Best Mitten Fixer - Alexandra Archibald
Most Passionate Public Speaker - Alexandra Archibald
Most Dedicated in General - Lisanne Roy
Junior Member Award - Sierra June
Most Globally Aware - Bonnie Talbot
Mother Hen - Marianne Van Beck
Ray of Sunshine - Amanda Cole
Best Blogger - Christine Clarke
Best Self-Promoter - Dylan
Tallest Person - Amanda Cole
Happiest Person - Lisanne Roy
Ruler of the Universe - Alexandra Archibald
Miss WC Queen 2010 - Ian Desjardins
bell hooks Award - Laura Mayer and Bonnie Talbot

and last, but not least.....
the Nipissing University Women's Centre Annual Achievement Award goes to
for their continuous, and much appreciated, involvement in the NUWC.
!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!