** PLEASE NOTE: we are working on re-organizing our contacts; if you no longer wish to receive emails from the Women's Centre, please notify us by email as soon as possible so that we can remove you. This is to avoid any further inconveniences for previous recipients. Also, if you wish to be removed from the mailing list but would still like to be notified of events, let us know as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation. **

*Also note that NEW meeting times for the 2012 semester will now be on Tuesdays from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.*

Advertising for the Centre
-talk to classes that we are not in (gender, psych, poli-sci,?); 2-3 mins
-posting to other Facebook groups?
-ask Trina for assistance

Club Days
-a table will be set up in the main hallway during this time
-finalization of the date and time TBA

The Good Body
-Dates have been finalized: the play will run from January 31 to February 3

Operation: Beautiful
-week of the 23rd
-sticky notes on bathroom mirrors (notes of encouragement and appreciation)

Because I am a Girl
-fund raising(?)

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week
(Feb 26-Mar 3)
-tentative event?

Bath Tub Project

-date to be finalized (March?)

Any suggestions for upcoming events or otherwise are always welcome :)